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Tomorrow is picnic in Central Park-- despite predictions of it raining (again), the weather is turning out much better :3

So my cooking lolis~ get to it! lololo

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If you need my cell number for directions, or in case anything else happens, you can shoot me a PM :3

I'm excited to see everyone! Hope to see you there~ ♪

So my sister's getting muuuuurried

Better news about this weekend~

I'm planning my sister's wedding, in July 2011 :333

I'm mad excited omgggg

At first she wanted me to be a bridesmaid, but since I'm gonna be studying event/wedding planning in the future, I brought the option up to her so she's pretty much just going with that. (She doesn't have much clue on what she wants to do yet xD So I'm gonna make sure that her thoughts aren't completely jumbled)

She doesn't have all her image together but:
-Unique wedding dress (of course)
-She wants her ceremony over at the park in DUMBO by the the Brooklyn Bridge. For those went to the Alice in Wonderland DoV, yall know the area where we sat at by the water after lunch? Right there, with the perfect view of the Manhattan Bridge and the city.
-She's thinking she wants a "Coming to America" theme, after the movie with the same name.

She had came when mom and basically everyone else came (I think she announced the marriage plans to Opi for the first time-- she also asked him to walk with her during the ceremony), so when I talked to her about what she got so far (as far as the planned budget and dress design and stuff), I told her to come to my room and look at some vids and stuff.

I showed her the My Fair Wedding episode where David Tutera did a 'Coming to America' theme, where the reception looked like a sunset in the African plains. We were loling over parts of the episode, but at some point (might've been near the end when the couple got married), I saw a bit of mist by Cedelia's eyes xD lul Brides awwwwww

I don't know how she wants the "Coming to America" theme to be like.. I have to ask her later. But imo I have a feeling that she wants to go with a sort of "Concrete Jungle" thing going on, rather than actual African stuff (the girl is a total 80's baby-- I think she wants to go a bit crazy with it anyways).

I'm already thinking about things right now~ and once she gives me all the deetz and what she's got so far and the official budget and stuff, I'm gonna start making inspiration boards for her to see, and then I'm gonna start going out and doing actual field research.

I still got nearly a whole year to go along with this-- but I'm too excited :3

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This year the summer Lolita day is on June 5th, and to commemorate it, there will be a picnic in Central Park.

In Shimotsuma Monogatari, Momoko dreamt of living a Rococo lifestyle, strolling in country fields, having servants waiting hand and foot, and doing nothing but sewing, tea, strolling and socializing all day.

For many, if not most or all of us, we shared the dream of a relaxing life away from our hectic or boring lives, away from whatever oppression or expectations that pressured us. If not, then there's no denial that Momoko's desire is only an example of the "life" that is our Lolita style.

This picnic is not only for old friends, but for new girls, with discussion to get to know each other, a variety of activities to enjoy, and of course food to share.

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So Vivi/"Jochan" was -trying- to talk smack about me to Miyabi, apparently being a "drama queen" and "lolita fail" and my "weave be nappy" (what? lmao). So I put a public status shutting her ass down and basically... chick deactivated her Facebook lmao like not too long afterwards.

I mean it was expected xD Here's a chick who completely photoshops her face, some of her pics having eyelids, some of them having no eyelids, her errors are always so out there no matter how "realistic" she makes the shooping look. Theresa told me she's been hopping in between different styles, just finished failing at gawth and now she's getting back into gal.. neverending story of lulz I swear. and then on top of that I learned that "Qi Xue" is her fake. iono if on LJ, but definitely on Facebook. So, I'm assuming on LJ and Ricoche as well lol. She's lurking in the shadows, evarywhereeeee

Then there's this chick I used to go to LaG with.. that I'm increasingly growing to dislike. I'm not sure which is worse about her, because she's just a huge religious hypocrite. She sleeps around, blackmails whoever she sleeps with for money... yet she thinks she's proper because she goes to church. It's really shameful... because she had put up some status updates insulting people based on their race like "UGHHH CHINESE PPL WHY DO YOU THINK GOD PUT YOU ON THIS EARTH FOR, you're either gonna be a doctor or a nail stylist wtf", and dumb shit talking about 'sodomites' and stuff and all I can think is like, why is she talking about this stuff but then she's going around being lustful and scheming? It's really... ugh the stuff she says gets me angry e___e I'm gonna start hiding her updates on my home srsly.

I've been getting tortured in Laura's dorm. Bitch keeps playing JUSTIN BIEBER on the iPad and shit >8C FFFFFFFF--
So I'm gonna leave her house soon lol. I didn't realize that it's 6pm now. I need to get home anyways, and get focused on important things (studying Social Studies for the test tomorrow, catching up on my bible studies, etc.)

Also I think my computer had woke up while I'm gone, so if you happened to IM me and I didn't respond, that's probably what happened xD I found out from talkin to Muffy earlier ("me: so how did ___ go" "her: lol wtf? i told you earlier, bish" "me: lolwat") But yeah, even though I should turn it off, I always have something half-way typed that I hardly end up posting xD andddd yeah. My bad to those who may have contacted me.

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So, I'm only 2 days into fasting and already I've encountered some problems.
Is it my eating schedule? Or just the simple fact that I'm eating and drinking less than 25% of what I usually consume? I've tried keeping myself relaxed, keeping cool, preoccupying myself, reading the bible, etc. But since summer is practically here, I've been smelling hot dogs in the air (though I might just be bugging out-- at the same time I was smelling water and sweet corn).
Despite all the energy conserving, when I got up from my bed I felt really weak, especially in my legs. When I was straightening out my hair, I was more or less leaning on the counter because I wasn't sure if I'd keep myself standing that whole time. Nearly passing out is no fun.

And then when I did eat food, my stomach didn't react too well with it. I'm guessing because of how sudden and how extreme the fasting is, for a first-timer like me.

Long story short, I'm adding a tiny snack and another glass of water to my fasting plan (1 plate of food + 1 drink a day), at least until near the end of the week, then I'll put it back to the original.

I don't know if I should fast on Monday and Wednesday though.
I'm -finally- gonna take the GED exam, after like 5 months of back and forth and waiting games with these different offices, ugh. I've been preparing myself-- though appparently I'm set in Math, English, and Science. Near-perfect scores through all the preps I took. I'm just gonna touch up on some scientific terms, and remember how to read certain maps quick, and then I'm gonna test myself on Social Studies. Social studies have never been my weak point, but before I transferred from LaGuardia I stopped concentrating on the subject xD (classes were in the morning so... yeah) I talked to shipchan about her test a few weeks back, and she said hers concentrated mostly on the 50's to present which... I -kinda sorta- know but not realy.

In any case, tonight when I get home from church tonight, I'm gonna be doing some serious studying.

As far as the meetup is concerned, I'm probably gonna have everyone meet at Bryant Park, and then leave at 3pm-- right after palantiriell is done with her presentation for the Kinokuniya stuff. I didn't want her to choose since I know she really wants to come, so I'll do that. I'm kind of mad that the presentations themselves start so late-- I wanted to see maybe half of them before we go, but that's not going to happen, obv.

I've also thought of pushing the meet to Sunday, but nahhhh. Not unless it rains that Saturday. I don't care about Japan Day, but some people might want to go off that day so I'm trying to avoid that option.

There was something else I was gonna mention but... totally forgot xD; But yeahh

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Amani: so today is the start of the Pentecost fast
Amani: and already im dying
Nancy: whats that?
Amani: Pentecost is an event in the bible where many people who worshipped God from all over, different tribes and languages and all that, gathered together in one place
Amani: Virgin Mary and people were there too
Nancy: o0o0o0
Amani: and on the day of Pentecost, God gave his people the gift of the Holy Spirit, and it came like a wind
Amani: and they were all filled and began speaking in tongues
Amani: iono if they sat there for 10 days, I need to find my king james ver. and reread it, but they basically sat there and prayed to God and stuff
Nancy: awesome
Nancy: so whats this fast part?
Amani: fasting is basically expressing that God fills me and is more important than what I need for survival
Amani: Noah, Abraham and Jesus all fasted once a year? for 40 days straight
Amani: so for us, the pastor is trying to encourage people to do the fast for 10 days
Nancy: o0o0o ok
Nancy: cool
Amani: 1 plate of food a day, one glass of drink a day, or 1 soup three times a day
Amani: you dont know how hard it is for me xD
Amani: you know how much I love food
Nancy: lol I can imagine
Amani: Im gonna give myself until Sunday, i bet Im gonna start getting withdrawal reactions
Nancy: probably
Nancy: pray harder?
Amani: let
Amani: lets hope the starving will make me delirious and get the holy ghost more easily
Amani: "God, i'm tired of this crap, just fill me with the spirit already"
Nancy: looooool
Amani: and he's just gonna smack the shit out of me
Nancy: lmao
Nancy: vengefull god
Nancy: ect ect
Amani: pretty much xD
Amani: the more i hear my stomach the more i want to cry xD
Amani: its just going "FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCC----"
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