Miss Amani (amanikitty) wrote,
Miss Amani

Halloween weekend was ~iight~. Like any other favorite holiday of my childhood, I'm falling out of love with it. I mean except for dressing up, but yknow.

Friday I was supposed to go out with Rio to her friend's exhibit or some place, but that ended up not happening for whatever reason xD I did enjoy dressing myself up though, despite not being able to wear it out. (Got too lazy for church that night)

I dressed up in a princessy Marie themed outfit~ or at least the starter for that outfit xD I want to do so much later on to it.

Saturday was ok. It was hectic for me because the karaoke place wasn't trying to pick up their phone (and then one of their engrishy employees was trying to speak to me.. that wasn't working out) whenever I called and then finally when we were on our way there did they finally tell me that they didn't have the free karaoke lunch special anymore on weekends.. so we ended up going to St Mark's instead. After that I went to church for YCC's anniversary concert, which was nice, but I left early to get a ride home.

Sunday was when the official anniversary service was, and it was soooo nice. I loved it. LOVED IT
Everyone was mostly like LOL AMBER YOU LOOK NORMAL <3 but I guarantee you that I won't be 'normal' again after this, lol. nothx I'll stick to lolita.

People were ridiculous at night, though. When we were about to get driven home, this dude just turned right off of fulton and I don't know what the hell he did, but dude skidded and had he not stopped he would've ran straight into the Burger King across the street. So ridiculous. I was half expecting to hear gunshots and shit. And then on the way home, some other dude was just chillin there in his car, blocking almost all three lanes of the street.. like wtf...

Of course you had the shady group of guys hanging out at random spots, obv gunshots in some neighborhoods (as Jess was telling me), and then there were warnings about the bloods gangbanging girls for their initiation this halloween... I'm just glad I went to church and nowhere else. People want to act like fools here.

In other news~

Jasmine is turning a year old this Saturday ; w; <3333 sighhhh She grew so big since the day she was born, and she soooo much like Muffy in attitude (socked Muffy in the nose and made it bleed lolo) ; w; dfkndkjfsdbashjbvs so adorable

I'm thinking of going to Build-A-Bear and getting her a stuffed bunny once I get my allowance this week~ sjhdbgshkbanhk babies ; w;

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