Miss Amani (amanikitty) wrote,
Miss Amani

Omi just went back to the hospital just now. I believe this makes it her 3rd-4th time in the last two months.

I don't understand why they can't just figure out what's wrong with her...?

I mean come on, I know she's a little bit kookie but it's not like she doesn't know how she feels. If she tried to tell you before that she used to have a problem with her thyroid that was said to come back later in her life, maybe you should check her thyroid. She's talking about something clunking that keeps her from breathing when she bends down or anything, check her thyroid.

First, it was water building up in her body. You have her stronger water pills.
Then, she goes back. You say that her electrolytes or whatever are low.
Then, you give her anxiety medicine.

What next? Seriously?
Why can't you just do a whole series of tests to find out what's wrong already? You say it's not her kidneys or anything but if she's just pissing out pure water, then...?

I'm tired of it. Opi's tired of it. Omi's especially tired of it. Don't they know how painful and disheartening it is to hear her go "I don't want to die here"?
I don't want to hear it anymore. They need to help her.

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