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So on Sunday Avian had given me the money to go and get the stuff for the outfit, since this whole week she'll be busy with work and getting her hair done and stuff for the anniversary. So today I went to the city quick and got the dress I showed her from Charlotte Russe, and then got a pair of pumps to match.

I'm glad I pretty much got it for exactly the amount she had given me, though I'm missing a black cardigan now. I'll just ask her if I could borrow one of hers, or something. Not sure what I'll be doing accessory-wise, I'm thinking that I'll just ask mom to bring one of her pearl necklaces when she comes on Sunday for me to wear and maybe slap on some bracelets and call it a day. I was gonna look for a dress slip and then line it with chiffon to make 'lengthen' the dress, but I don't know how much that is gonna cost me and I'm trying to save money now. Make sure I have enough for train fare for when I go upstate on Friday, head to church for Fri/Sat/Sun and to do whatever at my meet.

After Sunday? I'm definitely going to be out less to try and save money. Gonna finally hit up a few stores again and try to get hired, but otherwise it's pretty much back to isolation for the next month, avoiding auctions and sales and all that until I have this party stuff on lock, done and over with. It's pretty much the most important goal at the moment and I want it exactly how I envision it. I'm just hoping that I'll get enough people to attend so that more money would be towards the decor, and once I'm done with that, hopefully gifts or something to take home.

Any Christmas money that I get will pretty much be going towards that if I need it, and of course if I get hired, most of that money will be put into it as well. Hopefully I can get something out of the job search, to make life a lot easier. So besides Noelle's little zuka party, I'll be missing out on pretty much everything else~ Harry Potter, ice skating, Tangled meet (don't think I was actually gonna go see the movie anyways, was never too interested but I wanted to hang out). As much as I don't want to, I'll probably cut down on church as well (unless I can get someone to pick me up)

Also gonna just end up using my fantastic dolly otks for halloween-- talked to Mai and she was talking about the thing coming out to 60 dollars after halloween e___e because of the current exchange rate. I don't even have half the money for that on me right now. Ridiculous. So I'm just gonna keep what I have, pay Chris for the black headdress she made for me for NYAF, and then save the rest. Though if -anything-, the most shopping I'll do will be buying Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood e_e just to entertain myself for the long month ahead lololo

But speaking of shopping, just a quick spam of the tea party replicas I got through Aria's group order back in September, as well as stuff I just got from Mai. pretty much had most of these items sitting in her house for months now xD and once NYAF was done, I was able to quickly save up the cash I needed to get this stuff sent.

Just like Aria, these shoes are just barely fitting me, my big toes are hitting the front. Which means I was supposed to get a 42, rather than a 41 :/ I've been wearing them a lot to try and break them in, but I don't know how much they'll stretch and if it'll be enough for my size. Worse thing that can happen would be my toes and my leg muscles screaming bloody murder from all the strain. I'll probably just get new ones when I order more taobao stuff after the tea party's done, and sell these off.

Hurp durp Marie stuff, as always

usamimi and bracelet/scrunchies from Curvy's. I really love this stuff, just because everything was like 20 altogether xD I caught this stuff at their end of the season massive sale so a lot of them were under 4 dollars each.

Lumiebre parasol. Best. Thing. Ever. I'm still amazed at the quality and the silhouette xD and the color's so pretty.

and of course, new nails lol. I love this chick's work so much I cannot stop buying them. So nice and so cheappp urgh
The orange-toned ones are a bit clear so they appear kind of dark, but they're really not. I'm most likely gonna wear these for my meet on Saturday.

and.... hurpdurpdurpdurp time for pie
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