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So yeah,
it's obvious that I've stopped posting to my LJ completely xD
I barely look at LJ anymore, besides modding NYClolitas and lalolitas

Buttt I'm not dead. (yet.)
I post on my blogspot now, which is mainly a personal one. There are circle lens and store reviews here and there but it's mainly me rambling as always.

If you want to follow ---> http://amaninyc.blogspot.com

Other than that, toodles~

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So I -finally- got a job, thank God. I work at Victoria's Secret now :3 I was so excited about this job, because I was just all "holy shit! Real employment!" Not those lame 1-2 month school internships, or the 1 month of working I was getting through SYEP during last summer.

Though, I'm only a seasonal at the moment. So this work period only lasts until the end of January. Yesterday was orientation (counted as my official first day, so I'm getting paid for it), and my next workday will be this upcoming Saturday, which will be another training day. I'm assuming that's when I'll learn to use the cash register and whatnot. I'm excited, but at the same time I'm worried, like, "what if this is how my schedule will end up being like for the rest of the time?" 4 hours a day, 1 day per week? That's basically me getting less than what I've been getting from Opi for allowance ($40)

So, I'm hoping and praying that I'll be able to get more hours. I'm hoping at -least- 18 hours a week. I'll be praising God if I manage to get a 25-30 hour week, hnnnnghhhhh


In regards to the tea party, the Mandalay Room was eventually taken, but luckily I was able to book the Willow Room. So now the seat cap is down to 16, which honestly I'm more glad about because that's less stress on my part. The room itself is cute, the walls are a bit light and cutesy but the room has a dimmer so I'm going to keep the room dark, with the exception of the little chandelier and the candles that will be set up. At the moment I have a -lot- of ideas about switching in-switching out things, all of which are pretty good, so by the end of the week I'll see what I'll definitely decide on doing.

I'm really excited for it though. I brought Susan and Noelle with me to the place the other day when I paid the deposit for the room, and before we even entered the front door they were just like "-woah-". Noelle was groping the furniture in the parlor and stuff xD So I'm glad they really liked the look of the place. In about a week or two I'm gonna go over the menu and stuff with the owner and finalize things. But next week? I'm gonna have to do a hell of a lot of shopping for the table decorations. Not so much buying as traveling, it'll be really exhausting xD But I'll be fine. Thanks Laura and Susan and Lexi? and whoever else said they'd be willing to help out. I'll see if I'll need any helpers soon.

Thanks to Samantha Rei for making fascinators for the raffle/stuff we're gonna be doing <3 I'm just waiting to see if Megan B would be making something too, and then I'll put the official update post. I know it's beginning to be kinda-sorta last minute, but I'd rather work out the last of the details before I make any sort of update.

I have a good feeling about this winter though, overall :3 I can't wait till Thanksgiving.

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Halloween weekend was ~iight~. Like any other favorite holiday of my childhood, I'm falling out of love with it. I mean except for dressing up, but yknow.

Friday I was supposed to go out with Rio to her friend's exhibit or some place, but that ended up not happening for whatever reason xD I did enjoy dressing myself up though, despite not being able to wear it out. (Got too lazy for church that night)

I dressed up in a princessy Marie themed outfit~ or at least the starter for that outfit xD I want to do so much later on to it.

Saturday was ok. It was hectic for me because the karaoke place wasn't trying to pick up their phone (and then one of their engrishy employees was trying to speak to me.. that wasn't working out) whenever I called and then finally when we were on our way there did they finally tell me that they didn't have the free karaoke lunch special anymore on weekends.. so we ended up going to St Mark's instead. After that I went to church for YCC's anniversary concert, which was nice, but I left early to get a ride home.

Sunday was when the official anniversary service was, and it was soooo nice. I loved it. LOVED IT
Everyone was mostly like LOL AMBER YOU LOOK NORMAL <3 but I guarantee you that I won't be 'normal' again after this, lol. nothx I'll stick to lolita.

People were ridiculous at night, though. When we were about to get driven home, this dude just turned right off of fulton and I don't know what the hell he did, but dude skidded and had he not stopped he would've ran straight into the Burger King across the street. So ridiculous. I was half expecting to hear gunshots and shit. And then on the way home, some other dude was just chillin there in his car, blocking almost all three lanes of the street.. like wtf...

Of course you had the shady group of guys hanging out at random spots, obv gunshots in some neighborhoods (as Jess was telling me), and then there were warnings about the bloods gangbanging girls for their initiation this halloween... I'm just glad I went to church and nowhere else. People want to act like fools here.

In other news~

Jasmine is turning a year old this Saturday ; w; <3333 sighhhh She grew so big since the day she was born, and she soooo much like Muffy in attitude (socked Muffy in the nose and made it bleed lolo) ; w; dfkndkjfsdbashjbvs so adorable

I'm thinking of going to Build-A-Bear and getting her a stuffed bunny once I get my allowance this week~ sjhdbgshkbanhk babies ; w;

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Omi just went back to the hospital just now. I believe this makes it her 3rd-4th time in the last two months.

I don't understand why they can't just figure out what's wrong with her...?

I mean come on, I know she's a little bit kookie but it's not like she doesn't know how she feels. If she tried to tell you before that she used to have a problem with her thyroid that was said to come back later in her life, maybe you should check her thyroid. She's talking about something clunking that keeps her from breathing when she bends down or anything, check her thyroid.

First, it was water building up in her body. You have her stronger water pills.
Then, she goes back. You say that her electrolytes or whatever are low.
Then, you give her anxiety medicine.

What next? Seriously?
Why can't you just do a whole series of tests to find out what's wrong already? You say it's not her kidneys or anything but if she's just pissing out pure water, then...?

I'm tired of it. Opi's tired of it. Omi's especially tired of it. Don't they know how painful and disheartening it is to hear her go "I don't want to die here"?
I don't want to hear it anymore. They need to help her.

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So on Sunday Avian had given me the money to go and get the stuff for the outfit, since this whole week she'll be busy with work and getting her hair done and stuff for the anniversary. So today I went to the city quick and got the dress I showed her from Charlotte Russe, and then got a pair of pumps to match.

I'm glad I pretty much got it for exactly the amount she had given me, though I'm missing a black cardigan now. I'll just ask her if I could borrow one of hers, or something. Not sure what I'll be doing accessory-wise, I'm thinking that I'll just ask mom to bring one of her pearl necklaces when she comes on Sunday for me to wear and maybe slap on some bracelets and call it a day. I was gonna look for a dress slip and then line it with chiffon to make 'lengthen' the dress, but I don't know how much that is gonna cost me and I'm trying to save money now. Make sure I have enough for train fare for when I go upstate on Friday, head to church for Fri/Sat/Sun and to do whatever at my meet.

After Sunday? I'm definitely going to be out less to try and save money. Gonna finally hit up a few stores again and try to get hired, but otherwise it's pretty much back to isolation for the next month, avoiding auctions and sales and all that until I have this party stuff on lock, done and over with. It's pretty much the most important goal at the moment and I want it exactly how I envision it. I'm just hoping that I'll get enough people to attend so that more money would be towards the decor, and once I'm done with that, hopefully gifts or something to take home.

Any Christmas money that I get will pretty much be going towards that if I need it, and of course if I get hired, most of that money will be put into it as well. Hopefully I can get something out of the job search, to make life a lot easier. So besides Noelle's little zuka party, I'll be missing out on pretty much everything else~ Harry Potter, ice skating, Tangled meet (don't think I was actually gonna go see the movie anyways, was never too interested but I wanted to hang out). As much as I don't want to, I'll probably cut down on church as well (unless I can get someone to pick me up)

Also gonna just end up using my fantastic dolly otks for halloween-- talked to Mai and she was talking about the thing coming out to 60 dollars after halloween e___e because of the current exchange rate. I don't even have half the money for that on me right now. Ridiculous. So I'm just gonna keep what I have, pay Chris for the black headdress she made for me for NYAF, and then save the rest. Though if -anything-, the most shopping I'll do will be buying Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood e_e just to entertain myself for the long month ahead lololo

But speaking of shopping, just a quick spam of the tea party replicas I got through Aria's group order back in September, as well as stuff I just got from Mai. pretty much had most of these items sitting in her house for months now xD and once NYAF was done, I was able to quickly save up the cash I needed to get this stuff sent.

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and.... hurpdurpdurpdurp time for pie

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I can't believe how quickly my good mood went to shit this morning when I got to church. I didn't even touch the door and something in me wanted to just go home.

I know gossip and all that stuff happens in Church and whatnot, but I'm so surprised that despite me having -no- involvement in any of it, it still makes my stomach churn with disgust.

I wish people would just get their shit together. Seriously. Overhearing their mess makes me so anxious. You got YCC people having a problem with Horace, you got these random girls here hating on x and y's relationship, you got a disliking b for no reason... like why is this high school shit in church? You think you're that high and mighty to not just squash the bullshit? That posting shit on FB as "subliminal messages" is solving the problem? You think that all this little stuff that's going on isn't personal whatsoever, when it's pretty much the equivalent of walking outside in your underwear???

Sometimes I really want to just stop, I really do... having some support and then turning around and talking about whatever all over again. It's so draining... I don't even understand how they even have the energy for it.

Next weekend is the YCC anniversary, and I'm purposely missing out on the luncheon because I really don't want to be there. People expecting me to go when I've never said I was gonna go. I never paid but someone paid for me? Something in me just smells the confusion that they'll end up putting themselves in, getting aggravated with each other and whatnot... no, I'm not gonna put myself in the middle of that. I'm just gonna enjoy pumpkins and changing trees and that bitchin maple cotton candy and then I'll go to their concert and then the official anniversary service on Sunday and that's it.

I'm glad I have older people in the church to talk to. Because all this youth stuff, this, that and the third is bothering me to no end. But even then, there's certain individuals that are just... ugh. Lemme leave it as that.

In other news.... Mom told me that Cedelia's pregnancy is confirmed

This may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what they want to do with the wedding stuff. As much as I want her to have a nice wedding, her original wish of just having a small ceremony at City Hall is probably best. The simplest way I can see it is just doing that, and then having a big wedding dinner afterwards. But I don't know whether she wants to go with the date planned, or push it to later or what, so I'm hoping she'll get in contact with me soon, once her and her boyfran decides what they want to do.


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Today was the last day of school for NYC. aka the last day my last student metro would ever work = A= FUUUUUU

I haven't been able to get a job yet. I can't say I've been applying like mad, but I have been applying and no one has answered me yet. I figured that one of these days I would trek over to Victoria's Secret and Charlotte Russe and update/resubmit an application now that I've graduated. Working at Charlotte Russe would be fucking awesome. :< But I applied to CVS again (2 stores actually), LoveCulture, some wholesale accessory spot on 34th, and some other place I don't quite remember.

Some places I need to keep in mind for later to apply:
-Wet Seal
-American Girl Place
-F.A.O. Schwartz

A job at a restaurant seems kind of eh. It seems more complicated than I thought... I can't trust myself to work at a restaurant. e_e Maybe I'll ask Horace about it later and get his opinion.

I started up a Tumblr after being tempted by my friends on Facebook = w= and.. it's like crack. Seriously, I don't think it's been a full week yet and I've been reposting things to my own shit like crazy (what's the use of 'liking' shit?) So don't be surprised with all the pink and cupcakes and shit on there... seriously.

I've been doing a lot of entering for my sister's wedding-- some lady called two weeks ago about me having won a random drawing contest from when I registered to the Great Bridal Expo back in April? I dunno what I won, but either way I wasn't eligible since I wasn't engaged. I tried to tell the lady to pass the prize onto my sister, which she took down her name and phone number, but now I'm wondering if chick just lied :/ I'd be disappointed, like seriously you could've just said no when I asked. Oh well, I'll check up on dia later and ask.

I've also been entering her name in this 100k wedding giveaway on WeTV... where basically you give the magic word that shows up every Sunday during their new episodes, to enter in a chance to win $100k budget for your wedding, -plus- a free honeymoon. So I've been entering and praying every week xD; It'd be cool if she won.

Other than that I just enter myself in random things on twitter and when I join sites and shit... and apparently I won a book o wo

I didn't even get any notice of me winning, they just sent it to my house. But either way, it's pretty damn awesome. I posted about it on tumblr here.

So yeah, I won the "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" wedding planning guidebook and I was.. beyond excited. I've been meaning to buy David Tutera's wedding/event planning books for a while now. This book isn't huge as David's, but it gives me enough information to look into my own things, which I'm definitely gonna go by for my sister's wedding.

I've already read half the book last night, and I've never realized how much stuff I'd need to do -RIGHT NOW- and prepare for and look out for. While it gets me really excited for this project... at the same time anxiety and the doubts start rolling in pretty hard.
Yeah, guys, be inb4 the "ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID NEVER A BRIDE/DOES WEDDING PLANNING BECAUSE IM NOT HAPPY WITH MY OWN LOVE LIFE" because it'll probably come up down the line xD seriously.

But on a serious note... Cedelia doesn't exactly know what she wants to do yet, which I'll really need to sit down and talk to her about to get that out the way. I need to start making outlines for checklists, lists, options for venues, etc., already look into florists, book the florist and photographer as WELL as reserve the ceremony place and the reception venue... and start getting the dress done. wtf ridiculous! That seems like half the trouble, seriously D:

The worst part of her not knowing what to do, is that time is limited... summer is wedding season, and I have a feeling that July 11th tends to be a popular day.. so I'm gonna see if there's any other date they might put up as an option.

And then to top it off, budget worries are limiting her dream image of her wedding, and of course I'm her sister, I don't want her to have a mediocre wedding day. If we happen to do a restaurant reception dinner, I don't want it to be because she couldn't afford it, despite wanting to do something like... her first dance or something. I don't want her to take away important images if she really wants them. I'm also going to coax her and see if she can make the budget bigger, even by $5,000 if anything, because I'm afraid that a 10k budget is... really tight for her image. Like even if she gotta get a credit card for a little while.

In the meantime I have to see what time of day she wants this wedding to happen (I'm assuming late afternoon, or at least for the location it would seem the best time of day), and see how much the permit will be for that spot.

When she talked to me, she spoke of wanting to do a theme based on "Coming to America", more on the aspect of it being 80s than anything, so I've been thinking... how to do that, exactly? I'm trying to come up with floral ideas and stuff to make it look -right-. Come up with a sort of Concrete Jungle theme? How exactly do I go about that without doing too much or looking too dull or too costumey for her wedding?

I'm gonna try and go over to mom's house this week and try and catch this chick and talk to her about these things... she had her own checklist and as far as she saw she had an idea of who the DJ will be and wedding singer and etc? I'm worried these people might just be friends and not so much quality performers/professionals so I do have to look into it and see if they -are- good enough for Cedelia's wedding.

So, I'm gonna make the checklists and everything right now, look up possible venues to call up soon, look into florists, I believe anthoussai will probably be the photographer as long as Cedelia is ok with the price... and I need to see who's gonna put her dress together x_x Woo boy

And then I'm hoping to attend some stuff with her.

First would be David Tutera's Seminar at some mall in Bridgewater, NJ-- if Cedelia ends up driving and going (Godihopeshedoes), I'm definitely going to go. I'm kind of sad because it's on Susan's meet day, and I've been meaning to go to one of her meets for the longest, but David Tutera gives me so much inspiration that I need to see him in person. (and hopefully get private consultation and advice on Cedelia's wedding, as well as maybe an autograph and a photo as well >w> hurr).

Second would be the next Bridal Expo in October. Hopefully we'll have most of our shit together by then, but even then it'll be good to go and have both of our brain juices going.

It's... going to be a long year, I feel. But I hope this will hit off well and that after this I'll know if I definitely want to do this as a career or not. Along with this prepping, I'll be taking my certificate courses by then, hopefully.

And by courseS I mean that a new one popped up that I might end up kissing ass to attend, in addition to the Event/Wedding Planning certificate course. It's at Brooklyn College as well, it's a Event/Wedding DESIGN certificate course by both the WPI -AND- PrestonBailey, who's known for designing a buttload of celebrity events and weddings. So along with all this venue searching, etc, I'm gonna call up the WPI again and ask them about this program bundle, see if there's any sort of grants I can get, and then try to suck up to Opi to have him help me pay for it ; w; haha. The Design course starts on August 15th, while the Planning starts at the end of September, so hopefully this'll be enough to cram into my brain without driving myself crazy.

On an extra, completely unrelated note, I have two meets in mind, 1)an afternoon tea party at King's Carriage House (August 16thish) and then possibly a boatriding picnic day at Prospect Park, and/or Victorian House touring nearby.

I'll also be helping out at Kammie's booth again at NYAF, the whole weekend :3 Depending on cash, and if I'll actually pull through with it, I might be cosplaying for the first time, 1) as Michiko to pair with miesuku if she does her Atsuko, and 2) Princess Tiana, if I get the money for the materials -and- for someone to make the thing for me xD lal

I'm excited for Dances of Vice on the 11th~ I managed to get a swatch of the fabric, once I draw the design up I'll post it. But I'm still having a bit of a dilemma with choosing how to do my hair ._. I need a perm.